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Attorney at Law
John H. Weigel
PH: 281-898-3883
FTA or Failure to Appear is a warrant issued by the Court for failing to appear at your court date. Life happens and sometimes we forget even something as important as a court date. If you've missed your court date then call our office today so we can assist you. Municipal Courts will usually allow a lawyer to do a bond on behalf of their clients. However if you don't hire a lawyer the bond could possibly be very expensive and if you fail to do it correctly you can still end up in handcuffs if you go to the court to deal with it yourself. 
Call our office today! We can help you navigate the steps to clearing your warrants. 
PH: 281-898-3883
If you want to check to see if you have a warrant here are some resources that should help you search. The Harris County Sheriff's Office has taken steps to make it convenient for Texans to find out if a warrant has been issued for their arrest. This search is limited to misdemeanors in the Class A or Class B which includes DWI (1st and 2nd offense), prostitution, passion of marijuana, trespassing, unlawfully carrying a weapon, public lewdness, public intoxication, and some minor theft offenses. 

How to Search For a Felony Harris County Warrant:
To search for a felony warrant in Harris County visit www.HCdistrictclerk.com, click Online Services, and then select the Search Our Records and Documents option.
Next, click the criminal tab, then you can search by cause number or name. In theory, you can search by last name and get a list of everyone in the system with a pending trial or case that have the same surname. Under the status column you can see if a person is in jail, has posted bond, has had their case dismissed, or has a warrant issued for their arrest.
How To Search For Houston Municipal Warrants:
If you have a warrant from the city of Houston, for a fine-only misdemeanor, the best way to find out is to contact the Houston city help line at 311, or 713-837-0311. By calling the Houston City Help Line you can find out if a person is in jail, if they have a warrant issued for their arrest, in addition to their bond him. To find out if someone is in jail use the link below.