Traffic Law and Things to Know.
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Traffic Law and Things to Know.

Parking Ticket Hot Spots in Houston

by John H. Weigel, Attorney at Law on 02/11/20

The City of Houston gave out nearly 600,000 traffic tickets in 2017-2019 and collected $30 million dollars in fines and fees. The majority of parking tickets were written downtown near Minute Maid Park. 

Ironically, more tickets were written at or near the Municipal Courthouse in downtown Houston around the 1400 block of Lubbock than in anywhere else in the city. Expired meters in the parking area in front of the courthouse was the most often written ticket. 

The Houston Municipal building is a publicly owned building and the parking area is owned by the city. Your taxes pay for the building, the parking area, and then more taxes are generated from all the fines and fees. 

So if you have to go to court at the downtown Lubbock street courthouse be certain to park and pay the meter to avoid additional tickets and fines. 

$300,000 of the city fines were written in the 700 block of La Branch. Another $250,000 of the city fines were written in the 1200 block of Polk Street near Sam Houston Park. Rice Village is another hot spot with $130,000 in fines and parking under I-10 near University of Houston downtown. 

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