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Attorney at Law
John H. Weigel
PH: 281-898-3883
PH: 281-898-3883
The State will use the law against you and to their advantage. You need an agressive attorney that will fight for you and your rights. If you are facing criminal charges it is a significant advantage to be represented by an attorney who has extensive experience in a number of key positions within the criminal justice system. John H. Weigel is a Houston, Texas criminal defense lawyer who has worked as a criminal defense lawyer for 20 years, has taught criminal law to police officers and college students, has a Masters of Criminology from the University of Houston Clear Lake, and has spent the last four years studying criminal law and procedure to obtain his PhD in Criminology from Texas State. 

Criminal Defense
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Benefits of hiring John H. Weigel
In addition to his  unique qualifications, John's clients have stated that they appreciate his open and honest communication style. John's objective is to minimize the impact criminal charges have on your life and at the same time help you set realistic expectations. If you are facing criminal charges you need a highly responsive lawyer that can communicate clearly and concisely in a timely fashion and will keep you fully informed on your options. 

Whenever it is possible John will work to negotiate a settlement an avoid trial. If a fair agreement cannot be reached then you need an experienced litigator who has prepared to advocate for your rights in court. 

The important initial step is to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss the charges against you and determine the best approach. In cases involving DWI or domestic assault charges, there are important and tight deadlines to meet in order to preserve your rights. Don't delay. Call my off to schedule a free consultation 281-898-3883.