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Attorney at Law
John H. Weigel
PH: 281-898-3883
PH: 281-898-3883
Protect Your Rights!

You're are Innocent Until Proven Guilty!

You have the right to remain silent!
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Have you been arrested? Ticketed? Cited? Then you need aggressive legal representation that will advocate for your rights. You are innocent until proven guilty! The state is required to follow the letter of the law and John H. Weigel will make certain 
that your legal rights are protected and respected. John will maintain your innocence throughout the pendency of your case. The burden is entirely on the State to prove its allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. 

• 20 years of experience in the practice of criminal law

• Handled 1000's of Traffic, Drug, and DWI cases

• Has received complete dismissals of all charges in Harris, Galveston, & Brazoria Counties

• Master's of Criminology & a PhD in Criminology 2020

• Graduate from University of Texas a top 15 law school
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John H. Weigel
1110 NASA Pkwy.
Ste 314
Houston, TX 77058
PH: 281-898-3883
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